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Telecomix Crypto Workshop for Journalists

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[edit] Why

Well, the subject has come up on several occasions. According to rumors journalists are interested in this and they need it. (Looking at this kind of makes that obvious)

[edit] Ideas

  • Work together with hackerspaces around the globe on this
  • Prepare online and rl workshops & investigation material, invite for participation in regular intervals
  • Explain some about encryption and online anonymity, and most IMPORTANTLY, the difference between the two
  • Maybe some theoretical and background explanation about crypto and ciphers
  • Explain why using open source solutions are important (no backdoors for goverments, large companies and so on, the "proper companies argument")
  • Example software, I2P, GPG, TOR, OTR, depending on what to encrypt/anonymize
  • Have a look at the ppgbg FRA-workshop for some nice ideas (in Swedish)

[edit] Todo

  • Collect good, short tutorials and further links in all languages useful for Journalists

[edit] Stuff to Anonymize and Encrypt and suggestions how to do it

[edit] Email

  • GPG is available for a large number of email clients.
  • Thunderbird is a good, easy to use and competent email client, which can take advantage of GPG through the plugin enigmail
  • If the subjects _have_ to use Schmoutlook by corporate rules there are free (as in monies, at least) GPG solutions for that too (http://www.gpg4win.org/)
  • I2P has the ability to provide an anonymous email client
  • http://www.privacybox.org/

[edit] Instant Message

  • OTR is maybe the most common solution available for some of the more popular clients.
  • GPG is another solution available for the XMPP protocol (gtalk, jabber.se, etc)
  • Clients
    • Pidgin (Good OTR support through plugin, experimental GPG support, easy to use, available on most plattform, supports many protocol like msn, xmpp, facebook etc.)
    • Adium (Built in OTR support, no GPG support, easy to use, available only on OS X - basically this is the Mac version of Pidgin, supports many protcols)
    • PSI (OTR support through patch, Good GPG support, available on many platforms, supports XMPP)

[edit] IRC

  • I2P provides anonymous and encrypted connection to some IRC servers
  • TOR can also be configured to make anonymous (and encrypted, if the server has a TOR hidden service running) connection to some IRC servers
  • Use ssl to encrypt
  • Use TOR or a VPN to become anonymous

[edit] Surfing the Web

  • Use ssl to encrypt
  • Use TOR, I2P outproxy or a VPN to become anonymous
  • Do not use the vanilla internet, use a darknet like I2P

[edit] Filesharing

  • Encrypt the file using GPG
  • I2P has bittorrent support
  • Bittorrent through VPN
  • Use anonymos file uploading service like Oregano.i2p

[edit] Other techiques

  • Hiding files in image files
  • Full disc encryption
  • Encrypted USB drives
  • Using Truecrypt to hide files in an mp4 on Lifehacker

[edit] Distributed Internet

[edit] Diaspora as alternative to Facebook

[edit] Lorea as alternative to Facebook

Lorea Network

[edit] Status.net as alternative to Twitter

[edit] XMPP as alternative to ICQ/AIM


[edit] Monkeysphere

[edit] Invitations and call for participation

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