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Workers needed for the Telecomix Crypto Munitions Bureau

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Official universal broadcast to all internauts.

[edit] Publications

[edit] The Text


This is Cameron from Telecomix.

The Telecomix Crypto Munitions Bureau needs labour. Skilled labour, for the production of internets and cipherspace communication equipments. Seek jobs as Internaut the Defence Department of the Internets!

The following skills are requested:

Cryptography. News Production. Tunnel diggers. Information gatherers. And Bureaucrats for the Agency.

You can sign up for work at telecomix.org

Why should you sign up?

The oppressive regimes of the Nations outside the internets and sometimes the corporations that exists can be undermined by the power of crypto munitions.

One by one the 1f25 will fall down.

The infrastructure of surveillance can be targeted stragegically.

For this infrastructure of surveillance to be annihilated, the following regimes and organizations are on or target list.

Iran. Leaders in Iran has recently said that the opposers of the State are Mohareb, enemies of God. Communicating forbidden knowledge about demonstrations and the green movement has resulted in that the political dissidents has been tortured. Because they twittered the wrong words. The largest threat to the Iranian regime is free information.

The Peoples Republic of China. The Chinese government has since the beginning of the internets censored dangerous content and spoonfed its population with state propaganda. The Green Dam Youth Escort Program content control software has been enforced to be installed at all new computers.

France. The leaders of France has decided to beleive the media lobby and decided to inpose the HADOPI law. This law can be avoided simply by using cryptography, as it is not possible to enforce laws where there are any identities, or authorities.

States will fall, undermined by cipherspace

Regimes who oppress the population of the internets will be torn down

Cipherspace will tear apart every legal attempt to control bot and human communication

After all, the laws of mathematics always prevails.

The oppressive laws shall be destroyed.

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