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A course in how to use cryptography and anonymizing overlay networks to communicate with each other. The course is targeted against people that are not that familiar with computers, but who would perhaps benefit from being able to organize themselves anonymously.


[edit] Where and when?

  • Gothenburg, 16-17th of June

[edit] Course Goals

To have learned the basic skills of computer security, with special attention to cryptography (including basic cryptanalysis), darknets, cipherspace and protection of one's own hardware. The students will achieve the knowledge on how to make sure that information is kept free and without risking oppression from states or corporation.

Specifically, during the course, students will

  1. Understand how I2P and Tor works
  2. Learn how to host a web site in the I2P or TOR darknets
  3. Learn how to organize actions, demonstrations, revolutions and parties in secrecy
  4. Get a basic understanding of the possibilities and limits of cryptography and information theory

[edit] Course plan

Updated schedules can be found here: http://conference.telecomix.org/ and on a pad that got lost somewhere in cipherspace. (Decentralized activism rocks!)


This one will be updated instead: http://werebuild.eu/wiki/Conference_Schedule

The course will be divided into four parts (unless someone has a better idea.. Discussify on the talk page)

[edit] Part 1 - Communication within a group

  • Anonymously with I2P and/or TOR
  • Real time, asynchronous
  • Goal: The students learn how to set up a forum or a blog at I2P/TOR. The student learns how to use I2P/TOR to browse to hidden websites anonymously.

[edit] Part 2 - Hard disc encryption

  • The students learn how to use hard disc encryption to protect their private data in case the computers are stolen.
  • The students are educated in what type of protection the programs gives them. How does one behave in order not to leak information about oneself?

[edit] Part 3 - Publishing information at the internets

  • How to use TOR to access websites anonymously
  • What type of information does the proxies forward to the servers? How do you minimize the risk of leaking information?
  • How to chain proxies to TOR, in order to being able to access web sites that block traffic from TOR exit nodes. (Privoxy chains)

[edit] Part 4 - Advanced

  • Setting up an e-mail address in I2P, and how to use GPG
    • Understanding that if one sends mails to this e-mail from the unanonymized internets will reveal the identity of the sender
  • Svartkast
  • How to crack WLANs

[edit] Further events

There will be various activities going in the vicinity of SoCA, including workshops and seminars on more advanced topics, or topics which fall outside the scope of the course itself, such as non-computerised ciphers, one-time pads etc. Also, partying and cipherstep music and lots and lots of datalove.

[edit] Fees

  • There are no fees, since the Telecomix Crypto Munitions Bureau is a volunteer based Bureau.
    • UPDATE: Except if you're an employee sent in the service of a governmental organisation or corporation. In that case the fee is 500 SEK (€50).

[edit] Course material

  • Information and course material will be made available or linked to on this wiki.
  • CrypTool
  • The Telecomix Cipher OS (system.telecomix.org) will contain most if not all of the munitions discussed in the course.
  • A USB stick containing the system can also be bought from Gnutiken for €19.90.
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