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Blackthrow drafts and ideas

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[edit] werd is this

work in progress as always :)

[edit] Hardware

Raspberry Pi


     * $25-36 (Not a joke)
     * Size of a credit card
     * Use as little as 1 Watt
     * Full OS (Arch, Debian, Fedora)
     * Could possibly be used with an Lithium Polymer 11.1V battery to make it last extreme amounts of time without a power source
       (protip: combine with a small solar panel! (keep in mind that there may be snow in your region during winter) TODO: research on how well this works)
     * Easily Concealable


     * No case (ATM) <-- use a plastic bag to protect against rain
     * Only 2 types of input (No vga)
     * Your monitor will cost 6 times your computer
     * A little slow (may be negligable)
     * No internal WLAN
  • use usb umts device if you can get some electricity but no networks. note that upload may be crappy.

[edit] general resources

[edit] WIFI resources

[edit] Wifi resources for/on being bad

[edit] Crontab line to automatically reconnect

Log in as root and type:

crontab -e

Runs once every 60 seconds:(quick reference)

* * * * * $([ $(ifconfig wl0|grep 'inet addr'|wc -l) == "0" ] && [ $(ps auxw|grep wifi|grep -v "grep wifi"|wc -l) == "0" ] && wifi up)
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