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Cafébox is a laptop with wlan card. Any modern laptop will do.

The idea of a cafébox is that you can bring your proxy with you at all time, instead of using remote proxies. Carrying a laptop into a cafe with public wlan means that your home network can tunnel through. Whenever the home router detects that the client laptop connects with the routers OpenVPN server, the default route is changed to the OpenVPNs TUN-interface. Whenever the laptop client disconnect from the café public WLAN, the default route is switched back to the previous state.

This results in that the café is turned into a non-logging VPN provider. Any public or cracked WLAN will do, but maybe its nice to hack while drinking a cup of coffee :)


[edit] Security

Since you are physically at your proxy, you

  1. know that no logs are kept
  2. know that no one tampers with the proxy

[edit] Purpose

  • provide free, anonymous and secure VPN to all your friends, including yourself
  • bottom-trawling the intertubes (ssh to your home servers, just use the laptop for building the VPN tunnel. means: no trace of activity at the laptop.)

[edit] Future

When IPv6 eventually comes, resulting in NAT disappearing, resulting in that every computer gets its own unicast/real IP-add 1afd ress, means that it will become possible to mirror censored material somewhat anonymously by just cruising the cities cafés. There is however a privacy extension that has to be turned on like this(Ubuntu 10.04), which is not yet possible for most mobile devices.

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