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Cooperation with Gnutiken

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Gnutiken can build USB sticks for the Summer of Cipher Assembly and sell them via their web site. We can also publish the ISO file for anyone to just install into their own USB sticks.

Project status: Oh, nice. They are now selling the USB sticks :D Please visit system.telecomix.org for more information.

[edit] Telecomix USB stick

  • Is an USB stick lol
    • Put the stick in your computer and reboot, done.
  • Should be encrypted (but we need to inform the users that they need to change password after the first boot!!)
  • Should contain TOR and I2P installations (using suns java) together with privoxy and firefox, so that it works out of the box
  • Should have an Telecomix logo at bootup

[edit] Summer of Cipher Assembly

  • We use this stick as educational material
  • But we also wants to learn people to turn their regular operating systems (windows/linux) into cipherboxes :)
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