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UAV signal analyst working with target selection

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Notice: This guys identity can not be confirmed. It might be a troll.


  • UAV = Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
  • IED = Improvised Explosive Device.
13:02 -!- ISRHawk [~ISRHawk@chameleon] has joined #telecomix
13:02 < lulztomte> Message from pettter - ISRHawk: out of curiousity: what are 
      you doing in this chan?
13:02 < lulztomte> Message from [tinman] - ISRHawk: You smell like a UAV.
13:02 < ISRHawk> did those just come through?
13:02 < lulztomte> Message from [tinman] - ISRHawk: You smell like a UAV.
13:03 < TheCheese> they must have left them a while a go
13:03 < ISRHawk> oh
13:03 < ISRHawk> well for the record, I'm here because I support the cause and I
      recognize that there is something wrong with the US government and that 
      the world is generally in a state of crisis.
13:03 < marcink> :D
13:04 < ISRHawk> and I feel that I can offer a unique perspective into certain 
      world events being that I am an active duty intelligence analyst for the 
      US Air force
13:07 < xor> ISRHawk: you are welcome to do that :D
13:07 < ISRHawk> And the ignorance that I have heard so far in regards to 
      unmanned drones is somewhat concerning, because I am willing to bet that
      most of these people have no real idea how the intelligence cycle works, 
      and how much effort WE as analysts actually put into ensuring that we 
      don't hit the wrong people.
13:08 < pettter> ISRHawk: so this is the right people to hit? 
13:09 < xor> ISRHawk: what, are you piloting UAVs? in what country are they 
13:09 < xor> Afghanistan?
13:09 < ISRHawk> I don't pilot them, I am an analyst and my job is to develop 
      patterns of life on the individuals we target before we are authorized to
13:09 < xor> O M F G
13:09 < ISRHawk> For the record, that drone was operated by the CIA, and it is
      truly unfortunate
13:10 < pettter> how are these individuals chosen?
13:10 < ISRHawk> but, I, personally, had nothing to do with it
13:10 < ISRHawk> pettter, that's classified.
13:10 < xor> please reveal it anyways
13:10 < ISRHawk> it's very precise, that's all I can say
13:10 < pettter> hahah
13:10 < ISRHawk> I can't do that
13:10 < pettter> well that's reassuring
13:10 < xor> why not?
13:10 < ISRHawk> Signals
13:10 < xor> ISRHawk: but you approve of killing people with autonomous robots?
13:10 < ISRHawk> I'll leave that to you to determine
13:11 < ISRHawk> I didn't say that, please do not put words in my mouth
13:11 < xor> sorry
13:11 < xor> it was more like a question
13:11 < vegalyra_> ISRHawk: what do you mean by 'patterns of life'?
13:11 < pettter> vegalyra_: spying to make sure they hit as few others as 
13:11 < ISRHawk> I don't approve of the waste of human life in any way, but if 
      it is going to protects Coalition Forces from people placing IEDs on the 
      side of the road, then you're damn right
13:11 < xor> i has to go to my own job now. but i look forward to reading the
      backlogs once i arrive :D
13:12 < ISRHawk> I am getting ready for work as we speak, but I will be off for
      the next few days, hopefully I can clear up some of the conflicting 
      information you may have received
13:12 < xor> please do :D
13:12 < pettter> ISRHawk: you know a better way? getting the fuck out of there
13:12 < ISRHawk> I don't have any intention of winning hearts and minds, because
      for the most part, I agree with you
13:12 < xor> pettter: no, i want to read his words!!!
13:13 < pettter> sorry, I should calm down
13:13 < pettter> xor: I was referring to the places where the residents are 
      inclined to place IEDs
13:13 < pettter> which, afaik, isn't the case right here
13:13 < pettter> at least not yet
13:13  * pettter *BOOOM*
13:13 < pettter> guess I was wrong ;)
13:13 < ISRHawk> food for though, in the past 6 months reports from local 
      nationals in Afghanistan have reported that they approve of coallition 
      forces being present
13:14 < pettter> I don't doubt that there are people who like you being there
13:14 < ISRHawk> because they do not support the insurgency, and they understand
      what we are doing, because they are affected by IEDs as well
13:14 < vegalyra_> ISRHawk: áre you located in afghanistan or elsewhere?
13:14 < ISRHawk> I'm stateside
13:14 < ISRHawk> I operate out of northern california
13:14 < vegalyra_> in nevada?
13:14 < vegalyra_> ok
13:14 < pettter> but if you're going to act as policemen, you had better apply
      some actual open standards as to who you target
13:15 < ISRHawk> there are standards
13:15 < pettter> but they are classified
13:15 < ISRHawk> they are incredibly strict
13:15 < pettter> but they are classified
13:15 < ISRHawk> the standards are not.
13:15 < ISRHawk> target acquisition, however, is
13:15 < pettter> I asked you how the individuals were chosen to be eliminated
13:15 < vegalyra_> ISRHawk: how do you gather your data to determine the 
      patterns of life?
13:16 < pettter> that is exactly the kind of standards that need to be open in
      order to foster a working government
13:16 < ISRHawk> pettter, I'm going to ask you this once, adjust your stance, 
      and be a little more willing to listen to what I have to say, your tone is
      defensive for no reason.
13:16 < vegalyra_> ISRHawk: i would like to learn about your methods... as much
      as you are able to describe.
13:17 < pettter> Lead by example, that is the only way. That means the rule of 
13:17 < ISRHawk> I understand, vegalyra_ and I will offer what I can
13:17 < pettter> ISRHawk: What standards are you talking about that is open?
13:17 < pettter> *are
13:18 < ISRHawk> well, for example, before a strike occurs, there have been 
      times where I have watched a single individual for MONTHS at a time
13:18 < ISRHawk> just to determine that he is actually the guy we are looking for
13:18 < vegalyra_> ISRHawk:  what methods do you use to watch the individual?
13:19 < ISRHawk> additionally there is an approval system for performing 
      strikes, women and child must be verified not present, and generally we 
      have to wait until the target is several KM away from a compound or a
      mosqu, and ALONE
13:19 < ISRHawk> children*
13:19 < ISRHawk> UAV assets vegalyra_
13:19 < vegalyra_> ok
13:19 < vanja> all for money :)
13:19 < ISRHawk> there is no money to be made in what I do
13:19 < vanja> :)
13:19 < anti> ISRHawk: how does the watching proccess work exactly?
13:19 < pettter> That is really not relevant for you guys to act as a force of 
      law though. It may limit collateral damage in regards to people _you_ 
      regard as innocents, but there's no recourse for people getting targetted.
13:19 < vegalyra> i think it's very interesting.
13:20 < pettter> And there's no way to know who gets targetted
13:20 < ISRHawk> you obviously don't understand the intelligence process pettter
13:21 < pettter> ISRHawk: I understand that you are not waging a war. You are
      acting as occupiers, and intend to foster democracy. That would entail 
      working as a police force rather than as an army.
13:21 < vanja> modern hunters
13:22 < ISRHawk> in addition to what I mentioned previously, 3 sources of 
      intelligence are required to action a target, we must have Imagery of the
      tgt, as well as 2 additional sources, be those human intel reports, or 
      Signals intelligence reports
13:22 < vanja> pettter: a disagreement - democracy has to come from inside
13:22 < vegalyra> IRSHawk: how often are the UAVs upgraded? and do you 
      participate in field-testing of new models and features? ( user interface
      design, usability, accuracy metrics, etc.)
13:22 < pettter> And still there is no info on what a person might do to get
13:22 < ISRHawk> yes
13:22 < ISRHawk> they are chosen based on affilitation to insurgent networks
13:23 < ISRHawk> usually home-made explosive manufacturers
13:23 < ISRHawk> or IED makers
13:23 < ISRHawk> or emplacers
13:23 < ISRHawk> anyway, I do have to go now, I will be back later this evening
13:23 < ISRHawk> I hope you all have a good day
13:23 < anti> thanks, ISRHawk
13:23 < pettter> Same to you.
13:23 < vegalyra> ISRHawk: what is the current model of UAV that you work with?
13:24 < vegalyra> thanks bai
13:24 < ISRHawk> and take into account, that I don't necessarily agree with what
      I do, but I am making a living just like everyone else...
13:24 < vegalyra> :D
13:24 < pettter> "just following orders"
13:24 < vanja> :)
13:24 < ISRHawk> I work with MQ-9's and MQ-1's
13:24 < vanja> funny, I quit in such a position
13:24 < vegalyra> ISRHawk: thanks for being here.
13:24 < ISRHawk> I can't quit....
13:24 < anti> Why?
13:25 < vegalyra> ok
13:24 < ISRHawk> I can't quit....
13:24 < anti> Why?
13:25 < vegalyra> ok
13:25 < vanja> It wasn't wasy for me either
13:25 < ISRHawk> military contract, they own me
13:25 < anti> I see
13:25 < ISRHawk> anyway, talk to you all later!
13:25 < vanja> good luck
13:25 < vegalyra> o/
13:25 < anti> See you
13:25 < taziden> thanks ISRHawk
13:25 < vegalyra> awesome
13:26 -!- ISRHawk [~ISRHawk@chameleon] has quit []
13:26 < vegalyra> ISRHawk has left the building.
13:26 < vegalyra> :D
13:26 < taziden> :)
13:26 < vanja> maybe :)
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