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[edit] Introduction

The Telecomix Crayfish Trench IRC server is a cipherspace only IRC server. It exists solely in the I2P darknet, where the laws of vanilla internets do not apply.

[edit] How to connect

Build a client tunnel in your i2p-router to the following destination. An IRC-server will respond:


[edit] Channels

Right now there are not so many users around. For simplicity go to #telekompaketet.

[edit] Why?

Due to the Great Invasion of Vanilla internet, AT&TLantis sunk to the bottom of the deep networks. It forced internauts to become ciphernauts and to dig trenches and tunnels to protect themselves from the plaintext drones of Google/Skynet, NSA, FRA and MAFIAA. This is such a shelter, in the deep darknets.

[edit] Howto build your own shelter (rough sketch)

1. Find a computer. Install a Unix-like operating system such as Linux.

2. Install an IRC-server of any type.

3. Install I2P or Tor.

4. Build an incoming server tunnel for IRC (i2p) and point it to the port on your server that listens to IRC.

5. Publish the cryptographic destination to your friends (or make a page in this wiki and link).

6. If you fail, go to chat.telecomix.org and ask people for help.

[edit] Cheat sheet for Debian 6

1. Run the following commands as root on your remote server:

apt-get install sun-java6-jre ngircd

2. Run this as a normal user

wget http://mirror.i2p2.de/i2pinstall_0.8.5.exe
java -jar i2pinstall_0.8.5.exe -console
sh i2prouter start

3. Proxy in to the i2p router console (if you are accessing remote server from a local machine):

ssh -L 7657:localhost:7657 user@hostname

4. Open the console in a web browser by going to localhost:7657. Add a new server tunnel. Select IRC as pre defined pattern. Make it point to a port that the IRC server listens to. (6667, 6697 or 9999). Make the tunnel autostart and then save.

5. Let users add the destination key to their address books, then they can create client tunnels to connect.

[edit] See also

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