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Anonymous Base Station

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This thing is hidden at a secret location, giving free and uncensored internets to everyone nearby :)


[edit] Anonymous Base Station

The anonymous base station differs from ordinary svartkast, as it instead helps everyone nearby to access the darknet via wireless. It is a sort of "in-node" for the darknet, and it is not very illegal :)

  1. Get the hardware needed. Either a computer with two WLAN cards, or a computer with one WLAN card and one WLAN router attached via a cable (picture).
  2. Use one of the WLAN cards to connect the base station via a VPN-tunnel to another computer somewhere. Route all traffic through the VPN-tunnel, to the darknet.
  3. Use the other WLAN card to build an open, unencrypted access point. Everything sent on the network is routed through the VPN-tunnel to the darknet.
  4. Hide the base station where nobody will ever look.
  5. Congrats! You now have an anonymous base station :D

Use it to create an open and free infrastructure, where no one has to worry about being wiretapped. Fuck with the FRA, IPRED, Data retention laws, and so on.

[edit] If you don't want to pay for VPN...

... you can use TOR + this (it can forward all incoming traffic to the TOR network).

[edit] Moar plans?

  1. Create and hide more of these at random locations. Spreading the darknet to everyone that needs it :D
  2. Document the config files so that others can replicate the Anonymous Base Station easily
  3. Improve the concept. Using a stupid wireless router as a substitute for a network card means that it NATs everyone connecting to it. This limitation needs to be removed.

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