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[edit] Requirements for Anonymous hosting

  • There different levels for need of anonymity.
    • Whois Proxies exchange your domain whois information with their domain information and may provide a certain protection, see below for details.
    • Private Registration of a domain, the registrar will know your personal information but not publish it. Also safe from domain whois.
    • Complete anonymity, where you never leave personal information and contact them only using networks like Tor.
  • And different levels of censor resistance.
    • Political content.
    • Warez.
    • Complete censor resistance, Tor hidden services, i2p eepSites, freenet freesites.

[edit] Payment Methods

  • Prepaid MasterCard Spendon (available in 7-Elevens & PressbyrĂ„s in Sweden & Norway by time of writing) - need an IRL proxy to buy one for you? mail us! (Send your public key in the mail, or use IRC with SSL encryption.)
    • This seems odd :O? dont mail us! or at least, dont mail me :d
  • Prepaid Voucher Codes: UKash (U), PaySafeCard (PSC)
  • Virtual Credit Cards: TalkGold Forum
  • you can use Ukash codes to buy a virtual credit card at UkashNeo. It is confirmed to work even with Paypal.
  • Convert Bitcoin to virtual Visa cards at Bitcoin 2 Credit Card. Automatic exchange. Works with PayPal/Amazon.
  • Directly pay in Bitcoin, which you can get at MtGox (which accept EUR bank transfers)

[edit] Whois Proxies

They register a domain for you with their information, protecting your personal data. Here are some questions, we should ask when choosing a whois proxy.

  • But how they can be trusted?
  • How reliable are them?
  • How long are them in business?
  • Who else is using them for how long?
  • How can you be sure, they won't collaborate with whom you seek anonymity from?
  • How can you be sure, they won't redirect your URL to a offer of their own, after your URL got popular?

If you know any Whois Proxies and can add any information, add them below.

[edit] Money Exchangers

If the hoster doesn't accept prepaid vouchers directly (most of them don't), you need to exchange these vouchers. Most of those exchangers are shady, and rates differ notably, so look out and read before giving away your money. I have no experience with any of them, don't ask.

While some exchange into Paypal, you probably won't be able to maintain a verified account there with fake data. From my experience it's best to first look into what exchanges are offered, at which prices, and THEN look for a hoster that supports these methods. The idea here is to build a collection of useful "pairs" of exchangerate<->hoster availability. Liberty Reserve is a good bet with fair pricing and a lot of exchangers.

[edit] Hosters

I have no experience with any of them, don't ask.

PP = Paypal (useless, left out), MB=Moneybookers, LR=Liberty Reserve, AP = AlertPay, WM = WebMoney, PSC = PaySafeCard, UKS = Ukash, BTC = BitCoin

Feel free to add reviews and more detailed info.

Another list: http://www.bitcoinsites.com/web-hosting

[edit] Complete Guide for Mega-Paranoids

Whereever this guide says "random" it means random. Not "make something up". Making stuff up can potentially leak info about yourself. Correct random:

cat "/dev/random" | tr -cd "$CHARSET" | head -c "$LENGTH" && echo
  • Get some Bitcoins
  • Fetch tor + polipo sources
    You will need them, and it would be optimal, if the specific set of client software you're going to use later never exits from your home IP, that's why you download tor now.
  • Get a bootable media, i.e. USB-Stick or preferrably Micro-SD Card.
  • Install debian stable on said medium, obviously ensure medium is encrypted as good as possible
    Debian stable is not glorious. But fetching debian stable from the internet certainly does not count as suspicious.
  • As a kernel, use a kernel with no harddisk drivers whatsoever
    Information is moving between your main system and the anon system only while your main system's code is running. If something gets executed while the anon system is active, malware cannot attack your main system (so easily).
  • Configure tor + polipo on the new root filesystem without yet booting from there
    If something goes wrong, you can use all your usual clients to look around for HOWTOs
  • Ensure no traffic leaves that system, except over tor, one way to do it (in _very_ early init script):
iptables -F OUTPUT
iptables -A OUTPUT -j ACCEPT -m owner --uid-owner telecomix
iptables -A OUTPUT -j ACCEPT -o lo
iptables -P OUTPUT DROP
iptables -L -v
su -c "su telecomix -s bin/tor"
  • Reboot from new medium
  • Update the debian to a serious version, install all the software you might want to use
  • Register hotmail address
    hotmail is USA based, many users, if you took a "well known" other freemail provider, you might take someone which is "well known" only to you (or a few others)
    All "personal" info must be random. Choose a random ZIP, then google for it, take the first city + street you find.
  • Download bitcoin client, create new wallet, publish your receiving BTC address in this wiki, ask for suppor for anonymous hosting (see below)
  • Wait a random number (> 7) of days
  • Reboot into your main system, peruse through the telecomix wiki, "find" this page, transfer a part of your bitcoins to the new wallet
    Certainly, it is not illegal to help people who simply ask around, bonus points if you transfer to at least one other, random address of that list (so some other guy gets two incoming payments, making it impossibly for law-enforment working from the other side to find out who was the main financier of his anon server)
  • Wait a random number (> 7) of days
  • Reboot into anon system, make yet another wallet, transfer a part of your anon bitcoins to that new address, repeat a random number of times (> 3), wait a random number of hours between
  • Use the above hoster list to find a BTC hoster you trust to give you root on something
  • Pay using your anon bitcoins

Where to go from there:

  • Ask info@datalove.me for a subdomain (which will be granted on unspecified and certainly undisclosed, possibly random terms)
  • When posting longer texts, ensure only to use frequently used words, optimally auto-translate _everything_ either from your native language to english or from english to native back to english (debian helpfully provides the "apertium" package, also compare http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/Wiktionary:Frequency_lists)
Word usage can be used as an identifying criterion. Translating your text will fuck with that.
  • When connecting to the box, use a terminal emulator which adds a random amount of delay between keypress and it being send (or groups the keys before sending them) (no, we don't yet have that software)
Inter-key delay can be used as an identifying criterion.

[edit] Comparison by adrelanos

July 2012.

I was looking for a hoster for aos (anonymous operating system). Therefore I looked into lots of so called offshore or anonymous hosting companies. Most of those hosting companies do not really provide anonymous usage, most require valid registration data, forbid registration over Tor and/or do not offer anonymous payment methods.

The ones listed in the following list are Tor user friendly, accept anonymous registration and can be payed anonymously by BTC or paysafecard. Since aos is legal in most jurisdictions it's unproblematic. Therefore I haven't checked their policy on warez, political content and so on. But most allow to install Tor as a client and a hidden service. As long as the hosting company won't receive any abuse complaints and get money, they don't care what is running.


  • provides .onion domain only
  • only webspace, no vps
  • with php, mysql
  • media wiki installation allowed and possible: yes.
  • aos auto updater may point to hidden hosting: yes
  • Can get copy of hidden service key: yes.
  • 5 BTC for "life time"


  • 20 gb hdd
  • 500 gb traffic
  • 512 mb ram
  • 2 cpu cores
  • 10 eur / month
  • turkey
  • 1 IPv4
  • Must say server domain, asked admin, does not matter, can be any.
  • paysafecard and ukash accepted


  • mVPS-256
  • 20 gb hdd
  • 1000 gb traffic
  • 256 mb ram
  • 1 IP
  • no domain required (none given)
  • website as Tor hidden service is ok
  • 3,95 $ / month
  • HOW MUCH CPU - asked
  • RAM UPGRADE to 512 mb POSSIBLE? - asked

cinipac shared hosting small

  • 250 mb hdd
  • 75 gb traffic
  • php, cgi, ftp, cpanel
  • 2,50 eur / month

cinipac.com vps

  • romania vps
  • 512 ram
  • 25 hdd
  • 450 gb traffic
  • 20 eur / month


  • vps uk xs
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 20 GB HDD
  • 100 mbit Port
  • 1000 GB traffic
  • 6,99 eur / month + 19,99 eur setup


  • 256 ram
  • 5 gb hdd
  • 50 gb traffic
  • 5 eur / month
  • Out of stock
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