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Smile29 is a recommendation that was passed by the members of the European parliament. There was significant amounts of lobbying involved. The lobbyists claimed that they needed to protect the children against child porn, and that this SMILE29-recommendation was needed to be able to stop pedophiles. By saving what people has been searching on at the internets ("what they google"), it should be possible to data-mine the logs in order to identify potential pedophiles before they commit any crimes.


[edit] People responsible

Italian Tiziano Motti and slovenian Anna Záborská was the people most responsible for this offense.

[edit] More information

[edit] Text

pursuant to Rule 123 of the Rules of Procedure
on setting up a European early warning system (EWS) for paedophiles and sex
Tiziano Motti, Anna Záborská
Lapse date: 19.7.2010

Written declaration on setting up a European early warning system (EWS) for
paedophiles and sex offenders
The European Parliament,
– having regard to its resolution of 26 November 2009 on the elimination of violence
   against women,
– having regard to the Commission communication on the fight against cyber crime
– having regard to Rule 123 of its Rules of Procedure,
A. whereas it is essential to ensure that the internet continues to afford a high level of virtual
   democracy, which does not present any threat to women and children,
B. whereas, however, improper use of the opportunities provided by technology may
   facilitate child pornography and sex offending,
C. whereas the internet also allows paedophiles and sex offenders to enjoy freedom of action,
   putting them on the same footing as honest citizens and making it difficult for the
   authorities to trace them,
1. Calls on the Council and the Commission to act on Communication COM(2007)0267;
2. Asks the Council and the Commission to implement Directive 2006/24/EC and extend it
   to search engines in order to tackle online child pornography and sex offending rapidly
   and effectively;
3. Calls on the Member States to coordinate a European early warning system involving their
   public authorities, based on the existing system for food safety, as a means of tackling
   paedophilia and sex offending;
4. Instructs its President to forward this declaration, together with the names of the
   signatories, to the Council and the Commission.


  • 2006/24/EC is the bureaucrat code-word for the data retention directive.

[edit] Translation of bureaucrat code-words into plain english

The document is a recommendation from the European Parliament that says that the data retention directive should be extended to also include internet search engines. The purpose is to track sex offenders using an "early warning system."

Note 1: This is only a recommendation, not an actual law. The recommendation essentially says that someone else should start writing the law so that the European Parliament can vote to accept it. (The elected does not write their own laws in EU. The process however includes passing the documents through a series of interested groups that makes adjustments. These groups include elected members.)

Note 2: The data retention directive is a law that has already been passed that says that all conversations using phone calls (oldskool, mobile and IP-telephony) as well as e-mails should be logged. The actual content of conversations is not logged. Instead, who has been communicating with whom and where the phones was when they were used is being logged. E-mails are only logged with time stamps and who was writing e-mails to whom.

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