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Telecomix Crypto Munitions Bureau - The Apocryphal Machinery of Ciphernautics

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[edit] What is this?

This is a book that Telecomix bots, agents and others are collaboratively writing. The texts here at the wiki will be reformatted to LaTeX periodically and uploaded at various locations. The book is supposed to be printed at some time in the future.

[edit] How can you help?

You can, read the articles and

  • Contribute with your own texts
  • Rewrite texts that can be better formulated. Please do not keep the old version, just erase and rewrite.
  • Invent new chapters that you think should be included.
  • Convert it to LaTeX at random intervals.
  • Do not follow these rules. Be creative :)

[edit] Copyright

Everything that the Telecomix Crypto Munition Bureau publishes in public domain according to article 3 of the Jellyfish Copyleft treaty.

[edit] LaTeX

The book will periodically be rewritten to the LaTeX syntax. If you think its simpler you can just add the latex code in the wiki, perhaps inside "pre" taggs. Like this:

    \xymatrix{ A \ar[r] & B \ar[d] & C \ar@{=>}[l] \\
               D \ar@{=>}[ru] & E \ar[l] }

You can of course also just construct images and upload them to the wiki. This requires that you create an account and log in, however.

[edit] Links to the content of the book



Here comes appendixes.

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